NCLT : Process to file claim in NCLT

Help video Part1 & Part2


Required Document List

  1. Form CA   (you need to sign at 3 places)
  2. Claim File (you need to sign at 1 place)
  3. Allotment Letter
  4. All Demand Letters (Optional)
  5. All Payments Receipts
  6. Statements of Account from Adel(Era) Landmarks (if you have)
  7. BBA (Builder Buyer Agreement)
  8. PAN Card
  9. Address prof (Passport / AADHAAR Card / the identity card issued by the Election Commission of India)
  10. Cancel cheque (for bank & account details)
  11. Resell/Substitution Letter (if you buy in resell)




  1. Download and Fill your Form CA  carefully (you can take help of sample file, available on download section of this page, change where red marked) and you need to sign at 3 places, scan it and name it 1_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_FormCA.pdf
  2. Download your Claim file from your login account and you need to sign at 1 place, scan it and name it 2_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_ClaimFile.pdf
  3. Scan your Allotment Letter and name it 3_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_AllotmentLetter.pdf
  4. Scan your All Demand Letters and name it 4_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_DemanLetters.pdf
  5. Scan your All Payments Receipts and name it 5_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_PaymentsReceipts.pdf
  6. Scan your Statements of Account from Adel/Era Landmarks (if you have) and name it 6_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_StatementsOfAccount.pdf
  7. Scan all pages of your BBA and name it 7_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_BBA.pdf
  8. Scan your PAN Card and name it 8_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_PAN.pdf
  9. Scan your Address prof (Passport / AADHAAR Card / the identity card issued by the Election Commission of India) and name it 9_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_Aadhaar.pdf
  10. Scan your cheque, and name it 10_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_ChequeAccountDetails.pdf
  11. Scan your Resell/Substitution Letter (if you buy in resell), and name it 11_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_ResellLetter.pdf and 11_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_SubstitutionLetter.pdf
  12. Put your all files in one folder (folder name should be Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName)
  13. Compress (zip) this folder (
  14. For submitting your documents for claim in NCLT, mail this compress (zip) file to



Note :

  • If you have more than 1 unit(flat), you have to file claim for each unit separately
  • Scan your all documents clearly (at 300 dpi)
  • Don’t Scan with Mobile
  • Scan original documents if it’s with you
  • Page Size for PDF file should also be A4
  • Arrange all documents date wise
  • Make single pdf file for All Allotment Letters
  • Make single pdf file for All Payments Receipts
  • Make single pdf file for All Pages of BBA
  • Give meaningful Name to your pdf file

ex.    3_Cosmocity-3_Tower-UnitNo_YourName_AllotmentLetter


(if your are member of Cosmocity-1 then use Cosmocity-1 in place of Cosmocity-3 in name of all files)

  • Whoever is not having complete receipts, kindly send mail immediately to  and , they will mail you the statement of account
  • if you got any order of refund from any court, please mention that also in Column 6 in Form CA

for example if you got order from NCDRC (consumer court), please mention

“Creditor received refund order against case filed in NCDRC, new delhi, case No. CC/226/2015 and got refund order on 30/11/2017 of total amount refund along with 9% simple interest but corporate debtor has not paid single amount till date”

update your case no and other info in above message accordingly

few old cases number ref. :

Case No CC/226/2015  (Allotted BBA Singed Cosmocity-1)

Case No CC/227/2015  (Allotted Non BBA Singed Cosmocity-1)

Case No CC/229/2015  (Cosmocity-3)



Downloads :

  • Download  Form CA
    • You have to provide all applicant name and details in Form CA, read point 2 in Form CA carefully

“2.  Identification number of the financial creditor
(If an incorporated body, provide identification number and proof of incorporation. If a partnership or individual, provide identification records of all the partners or the individual)

  • Don’t forget to mention your unit no in Form CA



  1. All the changes to be carried out by members as applicable to them are in RED color.
  2. The value of Unit at Sl. No. 8 in the CA form should be taken as total value added as per allotment letter excluding Club charges and interest free maintenance charges.


(if you are member of Association then you don’t need to download this file, you can download this file from your login account (auto filled and auto calculated), for downloading from your login account : help file